English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pigeon" in Example Sentences
Page 1

316051	She is pigeon-toed.	CK	1
2548575	Tom is pigeon-toed.	CK	1
1127835	I like to feed the pigeons.	nadsat	1
2592944	I enjoy feeding the pigeons.	WestofEden	1
2953254	Please don't feed the pigeons.	CK	1
2782353	Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?	CK	1
298971	He used pigeons in his experiment.	CK	1
2663090	We're having a problem with pigeons.	CK	1
1662831	The pigeon is cooing.	Amastan
282732	The pigeon has flown away.	kebukebu
1617801	Feeding pigeons is prohibited.	Spamster
2649786	The pigeon flew in the window.	sharptoothed
2051761	The pigeon has flown the coop.	chubbard
67973	That guy is walking pigeon-toed.	CK
1195622	The pigeons' feathers are white.	alexmarcelo
1540537	My car is covered in pigeon poop.	Chevere33
1540535	My car is covered with pigeon poop.	Chevere33
3101567	Tom likes feeding the pigeons in the park.	CK
2601277	That pigeon flew from San Francisco to New York.	AlanF_US
421401	This pigeon flew from San Francisco to New York.	Scott
1127832	Do you have some bread? I'm going to feed the pigeons.	nadsat
2782361	Have you ever wondered why we don't often see baby pigeons?	CK
41074	Pigeons can find their way home with the help of the Earth's magnetic field.	CM