English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pie" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2549562	How was the pie?	CK	1
2549331	I'm baking a pie.	CK	1
1046551	Tom got some pie.	CK	1
2648404	Tom brought a pie.	CK	1
276192	Who made this pie?	CK	1
41672	It's as easy as pie.	CK	1
2361775	I want to make a pie.	CK	1
3171770	Tom baked three pies.	CK	1
1046549	Tom got a little pie.	CK	1
2623369	I want a piece of pie.	Joseph	1
2546979	Tom made an apple pie.	CK	1
248259	We cut the pie in two.	CK	1
62726	Kate made an apple pie.	CK	1
3241655	Save me a piece of pie.	CK	1
2821593	Tom baked an apple pie.	CK	1
252663	I want to eat apple pie.	adjusting	1
2546115	I'd love a slice of pie.	CK	1
908914	My wife loves apple pie.	CK	1
2643789	You should've had some pie.	CK	1
1046550	Tom got a little bit of pie.	CK	1
1046552	Tom got a small piece of pie.	CK	1
908915	My wife likes apple pie a lot.	CK	1
30502	Does anyone want some more pie?	CK	1
37222	Tom got a small portion of pie.	CM	1
2293485	I baked two pies this afternoon.	CK	1
2380401	I made an apple pie for dessert.	CK	1
1026530	Tom cut the pie into six pieces.	CK	1
1830457	Tom wants to eat some apple pie.	CK	1
1027042	Tom baked his wife a pumpkin pie.	CK	1
906801	What's your favorite kind of pie?	CK	1
2325138	I dreamed I was eating an apple pie.	CK	1
2400120	Tom can bake really good apple pies.	CK	1
1028239	Tom ordered some pie and so did Mary.	CK	1
1092267	Tom wished he hadn't eaten so much pie.	CK	1
2291652	I already took the pies out of the oven.	CK	1
1158673	Is there anyone who wants some more pie?	CK	1
1026220	Tom divided the pie into three equal parts.	CK	1
1029151	Tom doesn't know if Mary likes pumpkin pie or not.	CK	1
2268441	The pie's delicious.	_undertoad
895646	Please have some pie.	pauldhunt
452808	The pie is delicious.	FeuDRenais
1201048	Who ate all the pies?	frenchlearner97
2584129	Do you like apple pies?	Guybrush88
35508	Cut the pie into slices.	CK
1709299	You bake delicious pies.	Amastan
3150253	He ate a piece of the pie.	faehrmann
2678264	The pies are still cooking.	Joseph
71704	I made an apple pie for you.	CK
284667	It's as easy as pie for him.	CK
2269052	We ate a very delicious pie.	_undertoad