English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Philosophy" in Example Sentences
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2892720	What's your philosophy?	CK	1
278736	Philosophy is often regarded as difficult.	mcq	1
1082211	Your philosophy of life is different than mine.	CK	1
1029829	Tom and Mary have different philosophies of life.	CK	1
278733	Philosophy is not a thing one can learn in six months.	CK	1
531595	Ethics is a branch of philosophy.	darinmex
48901	The student majors in philosophy.	CK
2790645	I'm quite interested in philosophy.	Dejo
1141462	Today, I met my new philosophy teacher.	CK
252296	I majored in philosophy at my university.	CK
2820827	Tom studied philosophy at the university.	sharptoothed
1542091	True philosophy is seeing things as they are.	Scott
517927	Today I got to meet my new philosophy teacher.	CK
2820759	Live and let live, is Tom's philosophy of life.	sharptoothed
2921288	What's the difference between religion and philosophy?	AlanF_US
239640	Modern philosophy has its beginnings in the 19th century.	CM
3022325	This is the first volume of a series on modern philosophy.	sharptoothed