English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pharmacy" in Example Sentences
Page 1

819846	I work in a pharmacy.	PaulLambeth	1
1078081	Is there a pharmacy nearby?	keira_n
555278	Where's the closest pharmacy?	FeuDRenais
62109	Where's the nearest pharmacy?	CK
1078080	Isn't there a pharmacy nearby?	keira_n
434714	Excuse me. Is this the pharmacy?	lukaszpp
324251	We'll give your pharmacy a call.	CM
462860	The pharmacy is on Fresno Street.	lukaszpp
325330	What's the name of your pharmacy?	CK
462858	The pharmacy is near the hospital.	lukaszpp
462808	The market is next to the pharmacy.	lukaszpp
324250	Take this prescription to your pharmacy.	CK
512903	We stopped by the pharmacy on the way home.	darinmex
1297845	The young chemist decided to open a pharmacy.	kurisuteian
324252	Until what time does your pharmacy stay open?	CM
1023305	This medicine is still not sold in pharmacies.	Eldad