English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pet" in Example Sentences
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953189	Do you have a pet?	CK	1
25220	Do you have any pets?	CK	1
1553326	What are your pet peeves?	CK	1
33974	My pet cat died yesterday.	CK	1
310561	She keeps a parrot as a pet.	CK	1
2612247	You've never had a pet, have you?	CK	1
1026168	Tom doesn't have a pet now, but he used to have a dog.	CK	1
2776915	I hear that there are people in Japan who keep penguins as pets.	CK	1
2939452	Does he have a pet?	Guybrush88
1511787	I want a pet tiger.	corvard
31811	Meg has a cat as a pet.	CM
2713491	Have you ever had a pet?	CK
2199786	She's the teacher's pet.	Hybrid
681574	Tom is not fond of pets.	Source_VOA
292663	He doesn't have any pets.	CK
1346306	I keep a rabbit as a pet.	Spamster
23581	We keep a collie as a pet.	CK
1522254	This pamphlet is about pets.	erikspen
28704	My pet dog was seriously ill.	CK
2956130	Tom bent down to pet his dog.	CK
3174764	Tom kept a squirrel as a pet.	CK
1364617	He keeps an aardvark as a pet.	alexmarcelo
310511	She kept various kinds of pets.	CK
2957814	Tom reached down to pet his dog.	CK
3130060	Tom has a pet monkey named Cookie.	CK
6048	I buried my dog at the pet cemetery.	Zifre
46352	The boy dug a grave for his dead pet.	CK
454414	She told me that she wanted a pet dog.	FeuDRenais
33979	Some people keep rare animals as pets.	CK
45993	They are both working at the pet store.	CK
33975	It's hard to imagine a life without pets.	CK
33969	Pets offer us more than mere companionship.	CM
1657895	It's not legal to keep wild animals as pets.	Spamster
68742	No pets are allowed in that apartment house.	CK
2031351	If you want to buy a leash, go to a pet shop.	CK
2820767	My mother won't let us keep pets in the house.	sharptoothed
2711559	The hotel does not permit guests to keep pets.	sharptoothed
680202	Which animals make the best pets for children?	Source_VOA
67166	One day, she told me that she wanted a pet cat.	CK
245666	She dressed him like children dress their pets.	CM
325480	Will you look after our pets while we are away?	CK
2640027	You're not allowed to have pets in this building.	CK
954563	What kind of person would treat their pet that way?	CK
328046	I'm begging you, could you stop treating me like a pet?	CM
588129	Do you know of an apartment I can rent that allows pets?	darinmex
953706	I was just wondering what kind of pets you have at home.	CK
953967	In 2009, a man in New Zealand cooked and ate his pet dog.	CK
24117	Before you leave home, make sure your pets have enough food.	CK
63624	A canary is a small bird and people sometimes keep it as a pet.	CK
41204	The British people in general are extremely fond of their pets.	CM