English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Personality" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2361641	I like Tom's personality.	CK	1
302160	He has a dual personality.	CK	1
300298	He has a nice personality.	CK	1
2805875	He has a split personality.	CK	1
296120	He has a strong personality.	CK	1
1093719	Tom has a split personality.	CK	1
313508	She has a strong personality.	CK	1
1160136	Tom has a dynamic personality.	CK	1
1025437	Tom has an outgoing personality.	CK	1
2305020	I like your personality.	Hybrid
290313	He has a wonderful personality.	CK
1362099	She has a cheerful personality.	CK
1869440	She has a very open personality.	JunjouLover
311025	She has a wonderful personality.	CK
376332	Each cat has its own personality.	saeb
1891234	He has an intriguing personality.	Spamster
316582	She has a very strong personality.	CK
29025	I don't like his shallow personality.	CM
2613689	Tom's personality is similar to Mary's.	CK
1775172	He's a well-known television personality.	Spamster
877988	I don't like women without personalities.	papabear
309223	I get a kick out of her cheerful personality.	CM
294845	He is not so much a scholar as a TV personality.	CM
32011	Mary has as attractive a personality as her sister.	CM
2979995	Tom thinks that personality is more important than looks.	Hybrid
1356728	Mary resembles her mother in looks, but not in personality.	CK
1356727	Mary looks like her mother, but her personality is different.	CK
2196	There are a lot of things you don't know about my personality.	Zifre
329015	I expect it's his lousy personality that drives off the ladies.	fcbond
1356729	Mary looks like her mother, but she has a different personality.	CK
2812106	In both appearance and personality, Tom is exactly like his father.	xylian
29904	Yoshio resembles his mother in personality and his father in appearance.	CK
286617	His claim is that there is a close relation between birth order and personality.	Nero
247084	The only trouble I've ever had was dealing with people who didn't like my personality.	CK
264805	If you take a close look, you'll find that your friends and you have similar personalities.	CK
1837947	I want a religion that respects the differences that exist between people and that states that each individual has their own personality.	LanguageExpert