English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Permission" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2890995	Can you get permission?	CK	1
2546257	You have my permission.	CK	1
2645579	You need my permission.	CK	1
3151160	Who gave you permission?	CK	1
2273022	Tom is asking permission.	CK	1
1625171	I don't need your permission.	marcelostockle	1
2329578	I give you permission to stay.	CK	1
2953652	We have permission to be here.	CK	1
1886493	Why do you need my permission?	CK	1
2541855	I'm not asking your permission.	CK	1
2541502	I wasn't asking your permission.	CK	1
2290272	I didn't ask for your permission.	CK	1
2276137	I don't need anybody's permission.	CK	1
2395961	Do I have your permission to do so?	CK	1
2016886	I want permission to go home early.	CK	1
2016921	I'd like your permission to use it.	CK	1
3198900	You don't need my permission to go.	CK	1
1893871	We don't need to ask for permission.	CK	1
2300240	I came here without Tom's permission.	CK	1
2314915	I didn't give you permission to leave.	CK	1
2026431	I'd like permission to borrow your car.	CK	1
2359545	I haven't given you permission to leave.	CK	1
1868305	Tom had my permission to do what he did.	CK	1
1028881	Tom gave Mary permission to drive his car.	CK	1
2314916	I didn't give you permission to use my car.	CK	1
2323234	I don't think we need permission to do this.	CK	1
1029751	Tom asked for Mary's permission to leave early.	CK	1
15948	You ought to ask for your teacher's permission.	Swift	1
1027090	Tom asked for permission to use the copy machine.	CK	1
2329577	I give you my permission to do whatever you want to do.	CK	1
2318248	I don't know if we can do that without Tom's permission.	CK	1
1026577	Tom couldn't go because he was unable to get permission.	CK	1
1095503	Tom certainly didn't have my permission to do what he did.	CK	1
1954738	We can't really do anything until we get permission from Tom.	CK	1
2042924	I hope you know that the last thing I want to do is go there without your permission.	CK	1
1934740	I've been trying to explain to Tom that he can't keep coming in here without permission.	CK	1
1521965	Do I have permission?	erikspen
2193081	It wasn't a permission.	Guybrush88
2327537	You need written permission.	Hybrid
3151251	Tom gave me permission to go.	CK
2954536	You have my permission to try.	CK
2642732	Tom already gave me permission.	CK
3313015	We got permission to park here.	CK
1638301	Ask your parents for permission.	Spamster
2820939	I got permission to leave early.	sharptoothed
2956766	Tom gave us permission to leave.	CK
2954535	You have my permission to leave.	CK
3310890	We're not going to get permission.	CK
2852517	May I have permission to go inside?	CK
61683	Did you get permission to park here?	CK