English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Peace" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2011285	We want peace.	CK	1
2308008	I come in peace.	CK	1
2011318	They want peace.	CK	1
35129	A dove is a symbol of peace.	CK	1
326512	The peace talks failed again.	CM	1
273764	The whole nation wants peace.	CK	1
2299551	I brought you a peace offering.	CK	1
325609	Both countries are now at peace.	CK	1
326510	Peace talks will begin next week.	CK	1
2018878	What I want is some peace and quiet.	CK	1
1093373	Tom just wanted some peace and quiet.	CK	1
903703	There is an urgent need for peace talks.	CK	1
2300246	I came out here to enjoy some peace and quiet.	CK	1
326511	The peace talks have been suspended for a while.	CM	1
1898018	What Tom really wanted was some peace and quiet.	CK	1
73275	In 1979, Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize.	CK	1
22870	We should make every effort to maintain world peace.	CK	1
692884	Rest in peace.	Nero
249344	We live in peace.	CM
454098	Leave me in peace!	saasmath
263269	We hope for peace.	CM
263268	We long for peace.	CM
1680667	They live in peace.	aka_aj
588272	Give peace a chance.	Shoyren
307509	They lived in peace.	CK
309436	Her mind is at peace.	CM
735132	Let me work in peace.	iamgrim
248327	We all hope for peace.	CK
806868	The nation was at peace.	Source_VOA
879204	They came to make peace.	odiernod
248513	We all wished for peace.	CK
307512	They are eager for peace.	CK
249347	We are anxious for peace.	Nero
249346	We are longing for peace.	CK
307511	They're anxious for peace.	CM
272064	Let me do my work in peace.	CK
327018	May his soul rest in peace.	CM
1830528	Please let me eat in peace.	CK
879205	They came to ask for peace.	odiernod
430026	We want peace in the world.	witbrock
271176	All the world desires peace.	CM
270506	People were eager for peace.	CK
804181	War was giving way to peace.	Source_VOA
1300107	We could live in peace here.	CM
320177	Peace is of great importance.	CM
659815	They are peace-loving people.	xiuqin
802202	They signed the peace treaty.	Source_VOA
22674	We are a peace-loving nation.	NekoKanjya
251880	All I want is peace and quiet.	CK
1663390	Only peace can save the world.	liwan1208