English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Parcel" in Example Sentences
Page 1

285097	I mailed a parcel to him.	CM
23258	We received a large parcel.	Swift
267678	Will you weigh this parcel?	CM
1176914	I sent the parcel by airmail.	bart
372405	Hasn't the parcel arrived yet?	ilayde
46501	The parcel was tied with string.	CM
58462	This parcel is addressed to you.	CK
281307	I want to send a parcel to Japan.	CK
58456	Will you mail this parcel for me?	CK
311300	She tied up the parcel with string.	CK
61132	The address on this parcel is wrong.	CK
2796800	The mailman just delivered a parcel.	sharptoothed
316966	She handed the parcel to the customer.	CK
46498	The parcel weighs more than one pound.	CK
2796786	There's a parcel for you on the table.	sharptoothed
58460	I want you to send this parcel at once.	CM
267680	Parcels are handled at the next window.	CM
54940	Are you going to send this by parcel post?	CK
58455	Please take this parcel to the post office.	CK
327944	He is carrying a parcel under his right arm.	xtofu80
267677	I'm afraid I have addressed the parcel wrongly.	CM
22355	Send this parcel to him in care of his company.	CK
299569	He sent out the parcel the day before yesterday.	CM
246510	I paid 2,000 yen for the parcel to be sent by air.	CM
267682	I have just been to the post office to send a parcel.	CM
265879	The parcel will be kept at the post office until you call for it.	CK
239949	When we are away from home, nothing gives us more pleasure than to receive a parcel from home.	CM