English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Pale" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2236805	Tom is pale.	CK	1
2239831	Tom was pale.	CK	1
20747	He looks pale.	CK	1
2240210	Tom went pale.	CK	1
16224	You look pale.	CK	1
37170	Tom looks pale.	CK	1
1867823	Tom turned pale.	CK	1
69512	You look so pale.	CK	1
2548999	Tom is a bit pale.	CK	1
1901851	Your face is pale.	mathmad2008	1
15912	You look very pale.	CK	1
16130	You look pale today.	CK	1
1534319	Mary wore a pale blue dress.	Spamster	1
317592	He turned pale the instant he saw her.	CK	1
37169	Tom looks pale. Is anything the matter with him?	CK	1
997834	He's a little pale.	NickC
1626163	Her face grew pale.	CM
2263666	Shoichi turned pale.	CK
976992	Her face turned pale.	Adou_Fr
395658	His face turned pale.	CK
53793	Jane looks very pale.	CK
291752	He looks kind of pale.	CK
310462	She always looks pale.	CK
3347147	You look kind of pale.	CK
313241	She was pale with fear.	sacredceltic
3348064	You look a little pale.	CK
3121708	Tom looks a little pale.	CK
295322	He turned pale with fear.	CM
3121682	Tom looked a little pale.	CK
313246	She turned pale with fear.	CK
2796890	Why are you so pale today?	sharptoothed
3356338	You do look a little pale.	CK
2934658	You're as pale as a ghost.	astyng
290525	He turned pale at the news.	Eldad
533762	He turned pale with fright.	CK
2263665	Shoichi's face turned pale.	CK
2958500	Tom was as pale as a sheet.	CK
318399	Are you sick? You look pale.	CK
303132	He's pale because he's sick.	CM
45222	She turned pale at the news.	CM
280720	Suddenly, her face was pale.	CK
1324353	You look as pale as a ghost.	Scott
311215	She turned pale at the sight.	CM
327270	Pale ale is a low-alcohol beer.	CK
38882	What's the matter? You look pale.	CK
308389	It worried me that she looked pale.	CK
45157	On hearing the news, she turned pale.	CM
41757	When she heard that, she turned pale.	CM
313085	She looks pale. She may have been Ill.	CM
1450811	He turned pale when he heard that news.	CK