English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Oxygen" in Example Sentences
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297009	He died from lack of oxygen.	CK	1
270937	A water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.	CK	1
1670129	Love is like oxygen.	al_ex_an_der
3126805	There's no oxygen on the moon.	Hybrid
245185	You can't live without oxygen.	CK
23891	Oxygen is needed for combustion.	NekoKanjya
270816	Water contains hydrogen and oxygen.	CK
680279	The atmosphere is made up of oxygen.	Source_VOA
22954	We yawn when we are short of oxygen.	CK
1126733	There is almost no oxygen in the room.	nadsat
270780	Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen.	blay_paul
18226	Oxygen from the air dissolves in water.	CM
245183	You cannot burn anything without oxygen.	Zifre
268571	Plants give off oxygen as they make food.	CM
270899	Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water.	CK
2079843	Air is composed mainly of nitrogen and oxygen.	MrShoval
1733640	Air is mainly composed of nitrogen and oxygen.	MrShoval
245187	Oxygen is taken into our lungs when we breathe.	CM
1732529	The air mainly consists of oxygen and nitrogen.	Eldad
1546936	Tom's brain was deprived of oxygen for too long.	corvard
266244	Trees give off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.	CK
262578	The air we breathe consists of oxygen and nitrogen.	CM
1578594	The atmosphere mostly consists of nitrogen and oxygen.	CM
282138	Tropical rainforests produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide.	papabear
931539	A molecule of water is made up of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms.	FeuDRenais