English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Overlook" in Example Sentences
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2541301	I'm surprised you overlooked it.	CK	1
2063000	Perhaps we overlooked something.	CK	1
1960926	Tom overlooked a few minor details.	CK	1
2275445	This kind of mistake is easy to overlook.	CK	1
60429	Mistakes like these are easily overlooked.	CK	1
2275446	These kinds of mistakes are easy to overlook.	CK	1
297851	He overlooked my mistake.	CM
914070	I hope he will overlook it.	Jane_Austen
2268922	This hill overlooks the city.	_undertoad
2796856	Our house overlooks the river.	sharptoothed
2952352	I must have overlooked something.	CK
42841	This is too important to overlook.	CK
242285	I'll overlook your conduct this time.	CM
2259815	We've overlooked many important facts.	_undertoad
1258894	Could you please overlook it this time?	CM
60908	I hope it will be overlooked this time.	Zifre
247966	We have overlooked this important fact.	CK
249838	I just can't overlook his rude behavior.	CK
259364	I liked the room overlooking the valley.	CK
242288	I will overlook your lateness this time.	CK
286428	His ability has been overlooked by his boss.	CM
1887731	I think there's something we're overlooking.	CK
19079	The church is on the hill overlooking the city.	NekoKanjya
1010196	Our teacher often overlooked his name on the list.	AOCinJAPAN
2796710	We overlooked Tom's name when we sent out invitations.	sharptoothed
476151	Shouldn't you overlook his indiscretions and forgive him?	CM
2796704	I'll overlook it this time, but don't let it happen again.	sharptoothed