English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Overcome" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1023945	Tom was suddenly overcome by fear.	CK	1
2550143	We have to overcome many difficulties.	CK	1
307203	They overcame the enemy.	CM
311223	She overcame the difficulty.	CM
2796866	Tom was overcome by the heat.	sharptoothed
301101	He overcame many difficulties.	Zifre
301103	He has overcome many obstacles.	CM
2796838	Tom was overcome with jealousy.	sharptoothed
917797	She was overcome with happiness.	Shiawase
267878	The girl was overcome with grief.	CK
47824	You must overcome the difficulties.	Trank
388342	She helped him overcome his sadness.	CK
254353	I managed to overcome the difficulty.	royhuggins
1281741	He had to overcome a lot of obstacles.	al_ex_an_der
16596	You have to overcome the difficulties.	xtofu80
255305	I'm sure I can overcome any difficulty.	CM
28858	We shall overcome all our difficulties.	CM
3004696	Eventually, my curiosity overcame my fear.	Hybrid
304427	He was overcome by a feeling of melancholy.	CM
1365935	You'll have to overcome a few difficulties.	CM
3004686	Eventually, Tom's curiosity overcame his fear.	Hybrid
276039	We have managed to overcome the first obstacle.	CK
322410	Daily exercise is effective in overcoming obesity.	CM
311252	She took pains to help the child overcome his grief.	CM
293076	He couldn't overcome the desire for another cigarette.	CK
1113990	The challenges are daunting, but we can overcome them.	darinmex
567801	I finally overcame my shyness and asked him out on a date.	darinmex
25948	How to overcome the high value of the yen is a big problem.	CK
2796700	Tom had to overcome many obstacles before he achieved success.	sharptoothed
1028940	Tom finally overcame his shyness and asked Mary to go out with him.	CK
277161	As a citizen of the world, I know ways of overcoming cultural barriers.	CK
53481	It is difficult to overcome this shortcoming without drastically changing the whole system.	CM