English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Overcoat" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1164298	Tom put on his overcoat.	CK	1
289403	He took off his overcoat.	CK	1
250308	My overcoat is light but warm.	CK	1
67059	That is my overcoat.	CK
2474186	Button up your overcoat.	sharptoothed
285268	His overcoat is worn out.	CK
38843	Please find me my overcoat.	CK
687952	You must put on your overcoat.	lukaszpp
3060566	Be sure and wear your overcoat.	sharptoothed
396177	I wear an overcoat in the winter.	CK
61299	I like this overcoat. May I try it on?	CM
436291	I always wear an overcoat when its cold.	lukaszpp
321115	Leave your hat and overcoat in the hall.	CM
2268964	This overcoat has lasted me three years.	_undertoad
312987	She put on her overcoat before going out.	CK
65125	What is the charge for cleaning overcoats?	CK
21154	It's often cold, so overcoats are advisable.	NekoKanjya
61144	This overcoat is inferior to mine in quality.	CK
289404	He entered the classroom with his overcoat on.	CK
255104	I ordered my overcoat from a department store.	CK
303676	He ran into the room with his hat and overcoat on.	CK
36746	No matter how cold it was, he never wore an overcoat.	CK
37822	The child had no overcoat on although it was very cold.	CK
2890126	I priced overcoats today, but found I couldn't afford one.	sharptoothed
253501	I have been wearing this overcoat for more than five years.	CK
21999	Since it's cold outside, you'd better put your overcoat on.	NekoKanjya