English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Orbit" in Example Sentences
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26114	The satellite is now in orbit.	CK
803021	He did not go into Earth orbit.	Source_VOA
681652	Many moons orbit around Saturn.	Source_VOA
681654	Many satellites orbit the earth.	Source_VOA
29381	The rocket is in orbit around the moon.	CM
26117	The satellite is in orbit around the moon.	NekoKanjya
681986	Thousands of satellites orbit around the earth.	Source_VOA
2280855	The earth rotates on its axis and it orbits the sun.	ichivivi20
681653	It takes 165 years for Neptune to orbit around the sun.	Source_VOA
277148	How many satellites have been put into orbit round the earth?	CM
324846	A satellite was launched into orbit to monitor melting glaciers.	CM
868731	The president announced that the United States would put a satellite into orbit.	alexmarcelo