English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Orange" in Example Sentences
Page 1

386734	He likes oranges.	Mouseneb	1
410529	She likes oranges.	CK	1
410534	Does she like oranges?	CK	1
64785	I'd like orange juice.	CK	1
410535	May I eat this orange?	CK	1
61293	Can I have this orange?	CK	1
2744939	I want some orange juice.	sharptoothed	1
537051	I'd like an orange juice.	CK	1
55302	These oranges taste good.	CK	1
64776	I prefer apples to oranges.	CK	1
2612782	I'm wearing an orange T-shirt.	CK	1
64783	Oranges are rich in vitamin C.	CK	1
2014627	Don't you want any orange juice?	CK	1
1110731	Oranges have a lot of vitamin C.	CK	1
39619	There is an orange on the table.	CK	1
255925	I like oranges better than apples.	CK	1
64781	Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C.	CK	1
2860606	Mandarin oranges have a lot of vitamin C.	CK	1
69707	Which do you like better, apples or oranges?	CK	1
2110	My mother bought two bottles of orange juice.	CK	1
410513	She tried to squeeze the juice from the orange.	CK	1
1024569	Tom likes oranges and eats three or four a week.	CK	1
289779	He gave me an orange in exchange for a piece of cake.	CK	1
953640	I think it's unhealthy to eat more than 20 oranges a day.	CK	1
1221659	Tom likes oranges and eats around 3 or 4 of them per week.	alphafour	1
456483	My tie is orange.	lukaszpp
1615374	Give me an orange.	marcelostockle
711406	Do you like oranges?	Shishir
711413	Do they like oranges?	Shishir
711405	Does he like oranges?	Shishir
2784332	How much are oranges?	sharptoothed
536954	Orange juice, please.	blay_paul
1641764	We sell orange juice.	Amastan
896172	Can I eat this orange?	pauldhunt
2790145	Can I have this orange?	verdulo
42775	It is a kind of orange.	CK
1766445	We have an orange tree.	CK
2258226	Give me a dozen oranges.	_undertoad
434874	He doesn't like oranges.	lukaszpp
3171874	It feels like an orange.	CK
3171873	It looks like an orange.	CK
1815582	This orange is too sour.	inestpereira
1324803	Can't you peel an orange?	CK
1728255	I am squeezing an orange.	Amastan
253254	I like oranges very much.	CK
3171875	It smells like an orange.	CK
882674	This orange is delicious.	alexmarcelo
2784322	Mary wore an orange dress.	sharptoothed
389728	These oranges have rotted.	CK
3170741	Go through the orange door.	CK