English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Opportunity" in Example Sentences
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2406067	I saw an opportunity.	CK	1
2805741	Don't miss this opportunity.	CK	1
2271366	Don't waste the opportunity.	CK	1
2281725	Tom won't get the opportunity.	CK	1
40200	Don't let opportunities pass by.	CK	1
2007317	Let's not waste this opportunity.	CK	1
248077	We made the most of the opportunity.	CK	1
882522	I never had the opportunity to use it.	sacredceltic	1
681491	Tom missed the opportunity for a promotion.	Source_VOA	1
3281723	Don't let such a good opportunity go to waste.	CK	1
1092924	Tom should take advantage of this opportunity.	CK	1
1153022	You should take advantage of this opportunity.	CK	1
1025547	Tom had plenty of opportunity to plant the bomb.	CK	1
953556	I never miss the opportunity to eat Italian food.	CK	1
1028295	Tom missed the opportunity to go to Boston with Mary.	CK	1
56027	This is a good opportunity to get to know one another.	CK	1
1028816	Tom had many opportunities to meet Mary over the summer.	CK	1
2951592	Children around here don't have many opportunities to swim.	CK	1
1961376	I thought it would be an opportunity for you to improve your French.	CK	1
1095469	Tom certainly had plenty of opportunities to go to concerts while he was in Boston.	CK	1
1044899	Tom thought it was a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity that Mary had given him.	CK	1
2258962	It was a good opportunity.	_undertoad
2644065	Thanks for the opportunity.	CK
2038608	Opportunity waits for no one.	chubbard
272618	I missed a golden opportunity.	CM
3022574	I must seize this opportunity.	sharptoothed
2643011	Thank you for the opportunity.	CK
240715	Opportunity seldom knocks twice.	CK
2953600	We deserve this opportunity, Tom.	CK
395263	Make good use of this opportunity.	FeuDRenais
1020863	America is the land of opportunity.	CM
59315	Avail yourself of this opportunity.	CM
3307304	I saw an opportunity and I took it.	Hybrid
257370	I took advantage of an opportunity.	CK
1463054	Don't miss this amazing opportunity.	Spamster
1012262	Don't throw away a good opportunity.	AOCinJAPAN
290660	He made good use of the opportunity.	CK
290663	He made the best of the opportunity.	CK
302497	He made the most of his opportunity.	CK
432952	I made use of this good opportunity.	aliene
253576	I will make use of this opportunity.	CM
997872	Make the best of your opportunities.	NickC
2264366	Take advantage of every opportunity.	sharptoothed
1413697	Don't let this opportunity slip away!	lingxy
2195045	He took advantage of the opportunity.	Hybrid
256783	I took the opportunity to visit Rome.	CK
298664	He made the most of his opportunities.	CK
285012	I passed up an opportunity to see him.	CK
2720858	A missed opportunity never comes again.	inkedpolyglot
569006	Don't let this opportunity pass you by.	FeuDRenais