English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Operation" in Example Sentences
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266016	Do I need an operation?	CK	1
295015	He underwent a risky operation.	CM	1
2331647	I had an operation last summer.	CK	1
2359001	I have an operation to perform.	CK	1
2953897	We're attempting a rescue operation.	CK	1
1316489	He has to have an operation next week.	CK	1
1092278	Tom will eventually need an operation.	CK	1
1025268	Tom has to have an operation on his back.	CK	1
19407	I had an operation for glaucoma last year.	CK	1
1894017	My grandmother had an operation in Germany.	CK	1
2033795	I want you to take charge of this operation.	CK	1
2358711	I have a few questions about Tom's operation.	CK	1
1023837	Tom's operation was going to cost a small fortune.	CK	1
309751	Her mother is going to undergo a major operation next week.	CK	1
266020	You have to have an operation.	CK
48515	The plan was put into operation.	CM
858844	He decided to have the operation.	piksea
266018	I don't want to have an operation.	CK
783449	It's a cloak-and-dagger operation.	CK
858846	She decided to have the operation.	piksea
49637	The doctor performed the operation.	CK
296679	He had an operation on his left leg.	CK
804035	The operation had to be kept secret.	Source_VOA
319267	Father is going to undergo an operation.	CM
2780752	The doctor said Tom needed an operation.	sharptoothed
266022	I am still a bit sore after my operation.	CK
243572	He had a little operation on his left leg.	CM
266017	He had an injection prior to the operation.	CK
2820801	The doctor performed a difficult operation.	sharptoothed
1037898	The police uncovered a major drug operation.	CK
294724	He was hospitalized for a surgical operation.	CK
47997	The factory will cease operations next month.	CM
28090	Doctors refused to perform a second operation.	NekoKanjya
307326	They assisted him in performing the operation.	CK
325101	He will have to undergo an operation next week.	CM
903464	Her condition is improving after the operation.	CK
807596	Search and rescue operations began immediately.	Source_VOA
807608	A newspaper printed a story about the operation.	Source_VOA
68505	That outfit is running a fly-by-night operation.	CM
28098	The doctor contemplated the difficult operation.	CK
21985	The surgeon persuaded me to undergo an operation.	Swift
46736	It took the doctor eight hours to do the operation.	CK
318978	My father ought to have had an operation for cancer.	CM
319266	My father has been in good shape since his operation.	CM
2488822	The operation was very serious, but Tom came through.	sharptoothed
2959417	How long did it take you to recover from your operation?	sharptoothed
953343	How many operations has Dr. Jackson performed this month?	CK
2266319	He had to undergo an operation immediately after his fall.	_undertoad
58627	He said to himself, "Will this operation result in success?"	CM
53373	Jimmy is to some extent capable of performing this operation.	CM