English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Operate" in Example Sentences
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1311766	Carry her to the operating room.	CK	1
1884502	Tom has no idea how to operate this machine.	CK	1
953387	I can't figure out how to operate this machine.	CK	1
2727468	Tom can operate a crane.	Amastan
681641	Tom can operate a forklift.	Source_VOA
299871	He operated the new machine.	CM
3178439	We must operate immediately.	CK
858573	He decided to be operated on.	princesamee
296908	He was operated on yesterday.	CM
3178442	We should operate immediately.	CK
3178440	We have to operate immediately.	CK
3178441	We need to operate immediately.	CK
59810	How do you operate this machine?	CK
276574	No one can operate this machine.	CM
3044251	Tom died on the operating table.	CK
48821	The machine operates all day long.	CM
302427	He was operated on for lung cancer.	CK
681640	The doctor operates two days a week.	Source_VOA
681056	The lawn mower needs gas to operate.	Source_VOA
48977	The surgeon operated on the patient.	CM
33331	Most elevators operate automatically.	CK
28013	The doctor decided to operate at once.	CK
48820	The machine operates around the clock.	CM
906963	What's your favorite operating system?	CK
1346151	What happens inside the operating room?	marco87
2780820	Do you know how to operate this machine?	sharptoothed
253850	I found it easy to operate the computer.	CK
253513	I don't know how to operate this computer.	CK
253491	I don't know how to operate this CD player.	CK
263338	I don't know how to operate a spinning wheel.	CK
2268096	The doctor said it'll be necessary to operate.	_undertoad
21485	The cost of operating schools continued to rise.	CK
33222	Bob operates an elevator in the department store.	CM
3066903	Tom was lying unconscious on the operating table.	CK
28156	I got a stomach tumor and had to have it operated on.	CM
680885	Tom doesn't have enough experience to operate a train.	Source_VOA
59161	Ability to operate a computer is critical for this job.	CM
681091	The United States government operates in Washington D.C.	Source_VOA
237841	My brother may have to be operated on for the knee injury.	CK
1020501	Microsoft has a completely new operating system in the works.	darinmex
45606	You can't turn the heat off as long as the system is operating.	CK
20056	The engineer demonstrated how to operate the sophisticated system.	CK
278131	We had to sell the building because for years we operated it in the red.	Dejo
321253	In North America, business operates on "the customer is always right" principle.	CM