English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Opera" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2245861	I hate opera.	CK	1
2864696	Tom hates opera.	Amastan	1
2264859	I don't understand opera.	Hybrid	1
64906	The opera starts at seven.	CK	1
906836	What's your favorite opera?	CK	1
953290	Have you ever been to an opera?	CK	1
906882	What's your favorite soap opera?	CK	1
2026352	Do you want to go to the opera with me?	CK	1
1092777	Tom thought Mary knew how much he hated opera.	CK	1
70105	Have you ever heard this opera sung in Italian?	CK	1
1028492	Tom is the only person Mary knows who enjoys opera.	CK	1
253247	I adore the opera.	CM
2264860	I don't get opera.	Hybrid
2264863	He's an opera lover.	Hybrid
2264856	Do you like French opera?	Hybrid
2264855	I'm a fan of German opera.	Hybrid
60088	This opera has three acts.	CM
2601385	I'm addicted to soap operas.	AlanF_US
2985693	Here's the score of the opera.	sharptoothed
60087	This is an opera in five acts.	CK
1872669	Yesterday I went to the opera.	Asma
289435	He wrote the score of the opera.	CM
1533745	Do you watch the 8 o'clock soap opera?	erikspen
2582192	Maria Callas is a famous opera singer.	esso
329672	Maria Callas was a famous opera singer.	fcbond
682339	The opera singer has a beautiful voice.	Source_VOA
1486039	Mary asked Tom to go to the opera with her.	Spamster
2450029	My greatest ambition is to be an opera singer.	sharptoothed
692451	Should I wait for you tomorrow in front of the opera house?	Eldad