English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Onto" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2548594	Tom held onto Mary.	CK	1
2245580	Hold onto something.	CK	1
2548310	I'll hold onto this.	CK	1
2544858	I'll hang onto it for now.	CK	1
2543665	I'll hang onto that for you.	CK	1
1868417	Tom climbed up onto the roof.	CK	1
1040644	Tom flopped onto his bed and was soon fast asleep.	CK	1
887164	She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him onto the boat.	CK	1
35114	Hang onto Daddy!	CM
1667903	Climb onto the roof.	fanty
770054	Put it onto the table.	marloncori
1435843	They got onto the plane.	caspian
713165	He jumped onto the table.	Guybrush88
2985483	The lid screws onto the jar.	sharptoothed
941997	Toss the gun onto the table.	sacredceltic
2958695	Tom went out onto the street.	CK
317496	She elbowed her way onto the train.	CK
434668	Don't throw anything onto the floor.	lukaszpp
2600071	The teams are coming onto the field.	sharptoothed
1370515	They dragged their boat onto the beach.	CK
1370514	They pulled their boat up onto the beach.	CK
282316	The farmer pitched the hay onto the wagon.	CM
323937	I went through the gate out onto the street.	CK
280200	It is dangerous to jump onto a moving train.	CM
282050	A cat jumped onto the chair and lay motionless.	CM
681330	The team captain led the players onto the field.	Source_VOA
3024419	Everyone applauded as Tom walked out onto the stage.	CK
2768086	Tom rushed out onto the road without looking both ways.	pallorwag
1343909	He walked onto stage while the audience were applauding.	Chrikaru
3348803	Tom helped the old lady onto the bus with her shopping bag.	patgfisher
533597	The only window in our hotel room opens onto a smelly alley.	darinmex
239098	A dog jumped onto the chair and lay motionless for five minutes.	CM
2737417	If we'd arrived ten minutes earlier, we would've made it onto the plane.	eastasiastudent