English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Officer" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2548699	I'm not an officer.	CK	1
304636	He is an army officer.	CK	1
2646471	Tom became an officer.	CK	1
1934829	Tom is a police officer.	Spamster	1
1533903	Tom is the ranking officer.	Spamster	1
2540468	I'm still your commanding officer.	CK	1
2090868	Do you still want to be an officer?	CK	1
1536516	Tom was frisked by the police officer.	Spamster	1
2049767	Have you always wanted to be a police officer?	CK	1
1934826	I'm a police officer.	Spamster
2784510	Are you a police officer?	sharptoothed
1422698	Mary is a police officer.	Spamster
2957024	Tom is a security officer.	CK
509969	He became a police officer.	minshirui
761681	She became a police officer.	CK
2956090	Tom became a police officer.	CK
1536552	Tom is a corrections officer.	Spamster
2282928	Tom is a correctional officer.	corvard
2958568	Tom was my commanding officer.	CK
807101	Some of his officers protested.	Source_VOA
2784460	Were you an officer in the army?	sharptoothed
315777	She is a local government officer.	CM
238381	A police officer is talking to her.	CK
238134	Police officers wear blue uniforms.	CK
1885931	How did you become a police officer?	CK
245289	The officer told his men to advance.	CM
1174145	The police officer blew his whistle.	CK
2539136	The police officer wrote Tom a ticket.	CK
681698	The police officer's partner was shot.	Source_VOA
1627327	Mary fell in love with a German officer.	Spamster
400568	The police officer arrested the burglar.	CK
3156828	The police officer put handcuffs on Tom.	CK
2784438	Yesterday the club elected its officers.	sharptoothed
238077	A police officer told me to stop the car.	CK
1682320	He likes to dress up as a police officer.	Spamster
681553	Officers of the navy wear white uniforms.	Source_VOA
681625	The club elected a new group of officers.	Source_VOA
267474	The officer inspired his men to be brave.	CM
400569	The police officers arrested the burglar.	CK
2954977	You're not my commanding officer anymore.	CK
803223	He ordered an army officer to go with them.	Source_VOA
2028640	I want to talk to your supervising officer.	CK
686100	The police officer wore a bulletproof vest.	CK
238159	When he saw the police officer, he ran away.	CK
681626	A general is a high-ranking military officer.	Source_VOA
2953364	The police officer asked me what my name was.	CK
1848869	He was caught by an undercover police officer.	Spamster
1951955	I can't ignore my commanding officer's orders.	CK
19201	The robber aimed his gun at the police officer.	NekoKanjya
294688	He has received a commission as a naval officer.	CM