English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Offensive" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111419	That's offensive.	CK	1
2236796	Tom is offensive.	CK	1
2233715	This is offensive.	CK	1
2326533	I find that offensive.	CK	1
681612	The smell was offensive.	Source_VOA
3142703	That's an offensive question.	CK
1099472	His smug behavior is offensive.	NekoKanjya
752989	The word "nigger" is an offensive term.	darinmex
681614	The plans for the offensive were secret.	Source_VOA
681611	Your attitude towards women is offensive.	Source_VOA
681610	The speaker's comments were highly offensive.	Source_VOA
681613	Several soldiers were injured in the offensive.	Source_VOA
681615	The police conducted an offensive against some drug dealers.	Source_VOA
275731	The general decided to launch an offensive against the enemy camp.	CM
72024	I find just the memory of his overly polite patronizing manner really offensive.	CM
266172	Rwandan rebels are pushing their offensive south as fighting continues in the capital Kigali.	CM