English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Obvious" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2283741	It's obvious.	CK	1
1953088	That's obvious.	ozzie	1
2249268	It's so obvious.	CK	1
2248662	Isn't it obvious?	CK	1
2248743	It isn't obvious.	CK	1
2248792	It seems obvious.	CK	1
2250964	That was obvious.	CK	1
2891509	It was so obvious.	CK	1
2248694	Isn't that obvious?	CK	1
2647367	Was it that obvious?	CK	1
2251219	That's quite obvious.	CK	1
2546473	It's obvious, isn't it?	CK	1
395383	It's obvious that he lied.	CK	1
2544309	I'd think that was obvious.	CK	1
2835730	It's obvious that Tom lied.	CK	1
388853	It's obvious that she's sick.	CK	1
2007403	Let's start with the obvious.	CK	1
286955	It is obvious that he is right.	CK	1
485050	It's obvious that you're wrong.	FeuDRenais	1
2396124	I think it's obvious, don't you?	CK	1
3131769	It's obvious what has to happen.	CK	1
2777653	You're just stating the obvious.	CK	1
2540879	I'm sure the reasons are obvious.	CK	1
414634	It seems obvious that he is sick.	CK	1
2396252	It was pretty obvious Tom did it.	CK	1
283377	It's obvious that you told a lie.	CK	1
3024091	It's obvious Tom doesn't like Mary.	CK	1
1366293	It's obvious why your stomach hurts.	CK	1
3110270	It's obvious that Tom is in love with Mary.	CK	1
2208758	It's obvious you two want to be alone together.	CK	1
2033863	It's obvious Tom doesn't want to talk about this.	CK	1
2739217	It's obvious that Tom is just pretending to be asleep.	CK	1
26607	It was obvious that the driver had not been careful enough.	CK	1
1027405	It may seem obvious to Tom, but it doesn't seem obvious to me.	CK	1
2063293	After talking to Tom for a few minutes, it became obvious that his French wasn't very good, so Mary switched to English.	CK	1
978410	It's obvious he's wrong.	CK
3226429	The dangers are obvious.	CK
2958545	Tom was in obvious pain.	CK
2545613	I thought it was obvious.	CK
1961410	I thought that was obvious.	CK
2777621	I'm just stating the obvious.	CK
453412	It's obvious that he's right.	FeuDRenais
978409	It's obvious that he's wrong.	CK
2056944	It's obvious the man is wrong.	halfb1t
847138	The reason for this is obvious.	Source_Benedict_1921
61050	This system has obvious defects.	Zifre
2785422	It is obvious that that is a lie.	Cainntear
282957	It was obvious that he was lying.	CK
2777629	Tom was just stating the obvious.	CK
2777631	Tom was only stating the obvious.	CK