English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Object" in Example Sentences
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2245280	Do you object?	CK	1
2245990	I must object.	CK	1
2235677	Did Tom object?	CK	1
2261155	Tom didn't object.	CK	1
303737	He objected to our plan.	CK	1
2387287	I must object to this plan.	CK	1
44133	Can you describe the object?	CK	1
486137	My mother objects to smoking.	NekoKanjya	1
303021	He objected to traveling by plane.	CK	1
261007	I object to her going there alone.	CK	1
1024384	Tom objected to being treated like a child.	CK	1
325706	My parents objected to my going there alone.	CK	1
69318	Do you object to my idea?	CK
69505	Do you object to smoking?	CM
297267	He objected to my smoking.	CK
285492	Some object to his opinion.	CK
257100	I don't object to your plan.	CK
1027337	Some object to Tom's opinion.	CK
681597	What is this object used for?	Source_VOA
252177	I objected to paying the bill.	CK
1349559	Jane objected to our decision.	CK
287691	His object is to pass the test.	Masa
70746	I will not object to your plan.	CK
267242	The girls objected to our plan.	CK
681600	They objected to the new rules.	Source_VOA
28416	A tiny object moved in the dark.	Eldad
17257	Tell me the object of your plan.	BraveSentry
252317	I objected to his paying the bill.	CK
306061	They all objected to his proposal.	CK
259210	I object to my son studying abroad.	CK
297393	I think he will object to our plan.	CK
319176	My father objected to our marriage.	CK
321380	We saw a strange object in the sky.	CM
681599	Everyone voted yes. No one objected.	Source_VOA
295620	He will object to your going abroad.	CK
49820	I object to being treated like that.	CK
22769	We objected, but she went out anyway.	CK
1694783	Do not put any objects on the console.	alexmarcelo
27132	Gravity causes objects to have weight.	CK
288141	He objected to my going out yesterday.	CK
297624	He begged me not to object to his plan.	CM
287155	His book became an object of criticism.	CM
243560	I have a foreign object in my left ear.	CM
246022	I object to being treated like a child.	CK
44223	There were various objects in the room.	CK
296771	He objected to his wife working outside.	CK
26371	In English the verb precedes the object.	Zifre
297145	He objects to being treated like a child.	CK
257956	I objected to being treated like a child.	CK
251688	My father objected to my traveling alone.	CK