English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Numb" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2236791	Tom is numb.	CK	1
252095	My arms went numb.	CK	1
499957	My left hand is numb.	blay_paul	1
2547508	Tom's feet felt numb.	CK	1
27064	My right hand is numb.	CK	1
1723816	My mouth is numb.	belgavox
2264763	Cold numbs the limbs.	_undertoad
252071	My hands were numb with cold.	CK
657156	An ice pack will numb the pain.	darinmex
21141	My hands are numb from the cold.	CK
309182	I was numbed by her sudden death.	CK
26417	The swimmers were numb with cold.	CK
590531	This shot will help numb the pain.	darinmex
243561	I have some numbness in my left hand.	CK
1153548	My fingers are so cold they have gone numb.	FiRez
1336407	My hand is so numb with cold that I can't move my fingers.	Scott
265893	My fingers are so numb with cold that I can't play the piano.	CK