English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Nowadays" in Example Sentences
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2882457	What's Tom up to nowadays?	CK	1
18686	Beef is expensive nowadays.	CK	1
2388107	I never go downtown nowadays.	CK	1
322072	Nowadays anybody can get books.	CK	1
243821	Nowadays many people travel by car.	CK	1
243823	Nowadays nobody believes in ghosts.	CK	1
2318339	I don't know what Tom does nowadays.	CK	1
2952100	I hardly ever speak French nowadays.	CK	1
1025976	Tom doesn't play the piano nowadays.	CK	1
2318347	I don't know what Tom reads nowadays.	CK	1
2318351	I don't know what Tom watches nowadays.	CK	1
1094241	Tom doesn't watch TV very much nowadays.	CK	1
325387	Divorce is becoming more common nowadays.	CK	1
59233	Nowadays, traveling costs a lot of money.	CM	1
1164531	Tom and Mary never see each other nowadays.	CK	1
243769	Nowadays it is not unusual for a woman to travel alone.	CK	1
242469	Nowadays, almost every home has one or two televisions.	CK	1
242478	Nowadays more and more people prefer country life to city life.	CK	1
1029888	Tom and Mary aren't getting along very well with each other nowadays.	CK	1
296727	He is well off nowadays.	CM
2259072	Nowadays coffee is scarce.	_undertoad
662634	Meat is expensive nowadays.	bluepie88
243813	Everybody is happy nowadays.	sacredceltic
2672070	People live longer nowadays.	CK
2951490	All Tom does nowadays is swim.	CK
296725	He easily gets angry nowadays.	CM
2951489	All Tom does nowadays is study.	CK
18720	Meat is very expensive nowadays.	CK
18691	Nowadays jobs are hard to come by.	sacredceltic
2512854	This custom is dying out nowadays.	sharptoothed
18710	Nowadays children do not play outdoors.	Eldad
18716	Nowadays his father goes to work by car.	Zifre
241685	Everybody is immune to smallpox nowadays.	CK
18697	Many shoes nowadays are made of plastics.	Nero
244321	Personal liberty is diminishing nowadays.	CM
2554161	Nowadays, you can't buy much for a dollar.	DiscoNostalgia
242458	Handmade goods are very expensive nowadays.	CK
242464	Nowadays there are railways all over England.	Nero
65897	Many students have a car of their own nowadays.	CM
2513465	Many couples nowadays sign prenuptial agreements.	CK
18703	There aren't many good tunes coming out nowadays.	stefairy
769837	Nowadays there are no ninjas or samurais in Japan.	helmfer
273906	My grandmother is very forgetful of things nowadays.	CM
238717	Nowadays marriage is not necessarily a must for women.	CM
243014	It is essential to have good command of English nowadays.	CM
3135389	People are more conscious nowadays and choose healthy food.	Piteris
39241	Speaking of television, what is your favorite show nowadays?	CM
1988447	Nowadays, we often use the term "senior citizen" to refer to old people.	CK
65917	The fact that nowadays fewer men smoke is a headache for the Japanese tobacco industry.	CK
1556979	Nowadays you no longer hear popular songs that can be sung by men and women of all ages.	brymck