English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Notebook" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2245523	Get your notebook.	CK	1
255352	I want a notebook.	CK	1
1763152	My notebook is pink.	CK	1
2249753	Open your notebooks.	CK	1
370564	This is my notebook.	saeb	1
2245189	Close your notebooks.	CK	1
3151473	Give me the notebook.	CK	1
2646309	Tom shut his notebook.	CK	1
292335	He took a notebook out.	CK	1
831802	Whose is that notebook?	Swift	1
68649	Whose notebook is that?	Zifre	1
1763160	Here's my pink notebook.	CK	1
242488	I lost my notebook today.	CK	1
67930	Do they sell notebooks at that store?	CK	1
1094142	Tom fanned himself with his notebook.	CK	1
292334	He wrote down her name in the notebook.	CK	1
2359108	I've been going through Tom's notebooks.	CK	1
1877587	Tom wrote his name on all his notebooks.	CK	1
3287341	Tom wrote down something in his notebook.	CK	1
3287374	Tom didn't write anything in his notebook.	CK	1
43945	I copied a passage from the book into my notebook.	CK	1
1040651	Tom drew a happy face on the cover of his notebook.	CK	1
2419633	Mary wrote something in Tom's notebook while he was away from his desk.	CK	1
2419635	While Tom was away from his desk, Mary drew a caricature of him on the cover of his notebook.	CK	1
2692288	My notebook is pink.	Gulo_Luscus
1031212	Is this your notebook?	Brian255
1656503	Pass me that notebook.	Guybrush88
1279210	I got my notebook stolen.	CK
55374	This is a green notebook.	Eldad
17470	I'll lend you my notebook.	CK
2644344	Tom put away his notebook.	CK
2892358	Tom put his notebook away.	CK
831806	What is this notebook for?	Swift
257072	I will give you a notebook.	CK
250371	My notebook is in the desk.	CK
2544002	Tom gave Mary his notebook.	CK
3023834	Tom handed Mary a notebook.	CK
426032	I've used up three notebooks.	CK
2259016	Jot it down in your notebook.	_undertoad
70869	Please show me your notebook.	CK
35778	Get out your notebooks and pens.	CK
255353	He wrote it down in his notebook.	CK
255351	I need pens, notebooks and so on.	CK
241504	I sat down and opened my notebook.	CK
322051	Put away your books and notebooks.	CK
2892356	Tom pulled out a notebook and pen.	CK
2892306	Tom got his notebook and pen ready.	CK
3170631	Tom handed Mary the green notebook.	CK
55221	Write these words in your notebook.	CK
60720	How long may I borrow this notebook?	CK