English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Nickname" in Example Sentences
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2646730	What's your nickname?	CK	1
2262899	What a terrible nickname!	CK	1
2644189	Why is that your nickname?	CK	1
2957377	Tom isn't fond of nicknames.	CK	1
2314945	I didn't know Tom had a nickname.	CK	1
435595	My nickname is "Itch."	CK
435588	I go by the nickname "Itch."	CK
3359710	Tom said I needed a nickname.	CK
2891303	How did you get that nickname?	CK
3264752	I hear you've got a new nickname.	CK
285225	That nickname fits him perfectly.	CK
3152300	Have they given you a nickname yet?	CK
2539151	I'm the one who gave Tom his nickname.	CK
1882926	Zezo is not my name. It's only a nickname.	Eldad
29205	I don't know. Is there a nickname for Tokyo?	CM
2639843	Do you know what Tom's nickname was when he was a kid?	CK
2624935	She has reddish hair. That's why her nickname is Carrot.	CK
247374	John, the tallest boy in our class, is nicknamed "Mr High."	jakov