English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Necessity" in Example Sentences
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28144	Food and clothes are necessities of life.	CK	1
2569575	Food is a basic necessity.	Hybrid
67382	All inventions grow out of necessity.	CM
238436	Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.	CM
19549	Necessity is the mother of invention.	papabear
316654	She told a white lie out of necessity.	CM
54558	A computer is an absolute necessity now.	CK
249355	We understand the necessity of studying.	CK
71574	There is no necessity for you to do that.	CM
286374	His wife has started to work out of necessity.	CM
284889	He has no daily necessities, much less luxuries.	CM
303072	He said that necessity is the mother of invention.	Eldad
805408	Some people could not buy food or other necessities.	Source_VOA
261446	I am of the opinion that necessity is the mother of invention.	CM
317136	She did without necessities to pay for her daughter's lessons.	CM
667896	Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.	CK
294466	His family circumstances were such that he became a teacher out of necessity.	CM