English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Nearby" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2248463	Is it nearby?	CK	1
2236784	Tom is nearby.	CK	1
2237645	Tom sat nearby.	CK	1
306386	They live nearby.	lilygilder	1
2238748	Tom stood nearby.	CK	1
2240241	Tom works nearby.	CK	1
2238856	Tom waited nearby.	CK	1
2376211	I know Tom is nearby.	CK	1
2547219	I'm glad I was nearby.	CK	1
26044	The station is nearby.	CK	1
1115802	Is there an ATM nearby?	Nero	1
2273500	Tom is standing nearby.	CK	1
2315153	Do you know a cheap hotel nearby?	CK	1
2407218	I teach French at a nearby junior high school.	CK	1
1830472	Tom went to a nearby convenience store to buy something to eat.	CK	1
1088547	A stranger living nearby is better than a relative living far away.	CK	1
494742	She lives nearby.	mikeprit
3360524	Tom lives nearby.	CK
18743	A fire broke out nearby.	CK
2545714	Tom watched from nearby.	CK
3239804	Is there any bank nearby?	teruguw
2644974	Tom and Mary live nearby.	CK
2644329	Tom sat on a nearby bench.	CK
880502	Is there a bus stop nearby?	alexmarcelo
1078081	Is there a pharmacy nearby?	keira_n
660395	Is there a drugstore nearby?	Nero
1532065	Is there a telephone nearby?	LittleBoy
1437123	The train station is nearby.	Eldad
52270	I heard a faint sound nearby.	Vortarulo
1806391	Is there a post office nearby?	Chrikaru
1078080	Isn't there a pharmacy nearby?	keira_n
2642427	Tom and Mary are working nearby.	CK
3223093	Tom was sitting at a nearby table.	CK
802363	They carried him to a nearby house.	Source_VOA
476421	Excuse me, is there a toilet nearby?	minshirui
1866995	I opened an account at a nearby bank.	CK
2538648	Tom has been taken to a nearby hospital.	CK
657477	I went to the store that was very nearby.	CK
306387	They were told to play in the nearby park.	CK
1008803	Although she lives nearby, I rarely see her.	AOCinJAPAN
18735	Although her house is nearby, I seldom see her.	FSLian
325314	We took refuge from the storm in a nearby barn.	CK
303372	He pulled the wounded soldier to the nearby bush.	CM
319063	My father often goes fishing in the river nearby.	CM
18672	The farmer that lived nearby came to investigate.	piksea
2162665	My wife buys vegetables from a supermarket nearby.	FeuDRenais
1190464	We could hear the bells ringing from a nearby church.	Ignoto
2954179	When I was young, I used to go swimming in a nearby creek.	CK
680705	If there are houses nearby, a volcano can create a disaster.	Source_VOA
1784263	I went to the nearby library to find some books on the subject.	aquatius