English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Naturally" in Example Sentences
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23514	We naturally got excited.	NekoKanjya
2266081	He behaves very naturally.	_undertoad
681127	Is her hair naturally red?	Source_VOA
31822	Meg's hair curls naturally.	CM
283231	He was naturally very angry.	CK
309639	Her hair is naturally curly.	CK
312345	She can naturally speak English.	CK
312686	She can speak English very naturally.	CK
30523	She naturally accepted the invitation.	CM
1611421	That question naturally invited debate.	Guybrush88
1611420	That problem naturally invited discussion.	Guybrush88
1611418	That question naturally invited discussion.	Guybrush88
29773	It is not easy to speak naturally on the radio.	CM
308677	Singing comes as naturally to her as flying does to birds.	CM
847225	He just naturally avoids everything that is intense, difficult or strenuous.	Source_Benedict_1921
245967	Children aren't naturally obedient any more than they're naturally well mannered.	CM
847247	No person achieves success or happiness when compelled to do what he naturally dislikes to do.	Source_Benedict_1921