English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Natural" in Example Sentences
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2233710	This is natural.	CK	1
2218033	You're a natural.	CK	1
2248692	Isn't that natural?	CK	1
2251180	That's only natural.	CK	1
2272043	It doesn't sound natural.	CK	1
2251191	That's perfectly natural.	CK	1
1094590	Tom died a natural death.	CK	1
1514261	Tom has a natural talent.	Spamster	1
1483064	Tom is a natural athlete.	Spamster	1
2330071	I guess it's only natural.	CK	1
58705	This car runs on natural gas.	CK	1
71585	It's natural for you to think so.	CK	1
2248301	That's very natural-sounding Japanese.	CK	1
65145	Australia is rich in natural resources.	CK	1
277221	Earthquakes and floods are natural disasters.	CK	1
317992	It's natural to be nervous when the plane takes off.	CK	1
1841261	It's not natural.	Spamster
1841262	This is not natural.	Spamster
284882	He has natural gifts.	CM
1841265	I'm a natural blonde.	CK
1956382	It's completely natural.	Spamster
2957012	Tom is a natural leader.	CK
1475708	He died of natural causes.	CK
315354	She is a natural musician.	CM
3023889	Tom died of natural causes.	CK
248167	We assume that it is natural.	CK
3300469	Cats are natural-born hunters.	Hybrid
264470	Natural food will do you good.	CK
1690479	They have no natural predators.	Spamster
300443	He has a natural bent for music.	CM
282970	It's natural for him to get mad.	CM
53829	Jane didn't die a natural death.	CK
281038	A rainbow is a natural phenomenon.	CK
284049	It's natural for him to get angry.	CM
277496	China is rich in natural resources.	CK
2266331	He has a natural gift for speaking.	_undertoad
308729	She has a natural talent for music.	CM
47851	That country has natural resources.	CK
1841266	Brown is not her natural hair color.	CK
278973	Natural resources are not limitless.	CK
278197	Birds are natural enemies of insects.	CK
681917	Gas is an important natural resource.	Source_VOA
859795	John has a natural talent for tennis.	Vulgaris
2045686	Natural disasters can be devastating.	Chrikaru
245182	Acid rain is not a natural phenomenon.	CM
540113	I like to drink natural mineral water.	gracehero
53448	Sydney has a beautiful natural harbor.	CK
681036	Coal and natural gas are natural fuels.	Source_VOA
319859	It's natural that she should get angry.	Dejo
283062	It's quite natural for him to think so.	CM