English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Nation" in Example Sentences
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273764	The whole nation wants peace.	CK	1
51884	The strike affected the nation's economy.	CK	1
241464	The United Nations Building was built in 1952.	CK	1
273797	The nation as a whole is in favor of political reform.	CK	1
806837	The nation was growing.	Source_VOA
806868	The nation was at peace.	Source_VOA
47861	The nation ceased to exist.	Nero
415500	UN stands for United Nations.	blay_paul
22674	We are a peace-loving nation.	NekoKanjya
281530	Japan is an industrial nation.	CK
37454	Every nation has its own myths.	CK
325621	Both nations entered into a war.	CM
2267605	Nations are fighting for freedom.	_undertoad
2540759	Tom works for the United Nations.	CK
72165	UN stands for the United Nations.	CK
281610	Japan has become a powerful nation.	CK
805385	The nation's leaders had no choice.	Source_VOA
681546	Our nation is very fond of baseball.	Source_VOA
681010	In 1975, Angola became a free nation.	Source_VOA
804201	It was a war no nation really wanted.	Source_VOA
291882	He gave an address to the nation on TV.	CM
71810	The ASEAN nations have come a long way.	CM
273761	The entire nation was glad at the news.	CK
2163181	The two nations have strong trade ties.	Source_VOA
803172	He spoke to the nation on August eighth.	Source_VOA
803178	He was ambassador to the United Nations.	Source_VOA
275890	The President spoke to the nation on TV.	CK
802632	They were the nation's biggest business.	Source_VOA
681526	The nation mourned the death of the king.	Source_VOA
1550912	America is not the most democratic nation.	miflhanc
807459	The United States became a nation in 1776.	Source_VOA
273762	The whole nation mourned the hero's death.	CM
805335	The nation needed more and better teachers.	Source_VOA
275899	The President made an address to the nation.	CK
807552	It was a great moment in the nation's history.	Source_VOA
681545	The nation recently declared its independence.	Source_VOA
241471	The United Nations Charter was signed in 1945.	CK
807606	The United Nations sent peacekeepers to Bosnia.	Source_VOA
298647	He can't run his own family, let alone a nation!	CK
281523	Japan has economically become a powerful nation.	CM
805458	Jefferson believed the nation was in good hands.	Source_VOA
63416	Cambodia appealed to the United Nations for help.	Nero
281533	Japan seceded from the League of Nations in 1933.	CM
681547	Mexico is a nation that borders the United States.	Source_VOA
807691	That crisis threatened to split the nation in two.	Source_VOA
36273	Napoleon called the English a nation of shopkeepers.	CM
274632	No nation can exist completely isolated from others.	Nero
241467	The United Nations is an international organization.	CK
273760	We have been visited by a nation-wide economic boom.	CM
710980	Haiti is a nation that seems hopelessly impoverished.	darinmex