English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Nap" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2250041	Take a nap.	CK	1
3330288	I need a nap.	CK	1
2954618	You need a nap.	CK	1
2648814	How was your nap?	CK	1
3330287	I need a long nap.	CK	1
2276130	I don't need a nap.	CK	1
1890992	I'm going to take a nap.	CK	1
1867933	Tom says he needs a nap.	CK	1
2545065	Why don't you take a nap?	CK	1
2408294	I think Tom is taking a nap.	CK	1
2210735	Why don't you go take a nap?	CK	1
2642195	It's time for your afternoon nap.	CK	1
1141108	Tom took a nap for thirty minutes.	CK	1
915342	I may give up soon and just take a nap.	CK	1
1092490	Tom wanted to take a nap before dinner.	CK	1
1025835	Tom enjoys taking a nap in the early afternoon.	CK	1
1024039	Tom very often takes a nap for an hour after lunch.	CK	1
1648880	He's taking a nap.	Spamster
2675756	Let me take a nap.	FeuDRenais
2027750	A nap would be good.	halfb1t
3232272	Tom is taking a nap.	_undertoad
2545118	Tom wanted to take a nap.	CK
2544965	I was going to take a nap.	CK
2592654	I've decided to take a nap.	WestofEden
1648882	The kitten is taking a nap.	Spamster
2842435	He'll take an afternoon nap.	mervert1
1696841	What time do you have a nap?	Amastan
897336	I'm just going to take a nap.	datrukup
1651529	I had a nap for about an hour.	Amastan
1740365	I have a nap almost every day.	Amastan
2542640	I took a long nap after lunch.	CK
2121207	Take a little nap on the sofa.	AlanF_US
2121208	Take a little nap on the couch.	AlanF_US
3219295	Tom takes a power nap every day.	Hybrid
267742	A few hours nap will do you good.	CK
280610	Tired of reading, she took a nap.	CM
311172	She was taking a nap all the time.	CK
3199003	Tom often takes a nap after lunch.	CK
273864	Grandfather is napping on the sofa.	CM
255888	I would often take naps on Sundays.	CK
299284	He is always taking a nap at school.	CM
1651531	After lunch, they usually have a nap.	Amastan
2539589	I like taking naps right after lunch.	CK
1748009	When was the last time you had a nap?	Amastan
277624	While napping, I had a strange dream.	CM
251813	My mother takes a nap every afternoon.	CK
896027	If you take a nap here, you'll catch a cold.	Scott
1651521	Mr. Wang usually has a nap in the meeting room.	Amastan
2953274	Since Tom had a little free time, he took a nap.	CK
350132	Maybe I'll just give up soon and take a nap instead.	human600