English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Musician" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1890953	I'm a musician.	CK	1
1167538	Tom is a musician.	CK	1
312764	She married a musician.	CK	1
2546425	Tom is a good musician.	CK	1
2595798	I want to be a musician.	pandrecespedes	1
2595791	I want to become a musician.	pandrecespedes	1
908729	Who's your favorite musician?	CK	1
37242	Tom is something of a musician.	CK	1
1025125	Tom is a very talented musician.	CK	1
294211	It appears that he is a musician.	CK	1
1093497	Tom is a promising young musician.	CK	1
1025502	Tom has a daughter who is a musician.	CK	1
261633	I'm afraid I'm not much of a musician.	CM	1
46323	The boy grew up to be a famous musician.	CK	1
1095086	Tom couldn't make a living as a musician.	CK	1
1092823	Tom thinks he knows who Mary's favorite musician is.	CK	1
1094044	Tom found it hard to make a living as a street musician.	CK	1
2042718	Tom never really wanted to become a professional musician.	CK	1
1144599	Tom says he can make a decent living as a sidewalk musician.	CK	1
1095802	Tom became interested in music because his neighbor was quite a musician.	CK	1
1144603	Since Tom couldn't make a decent living as a nightclub musician, he had to get a day job.	CK	1
3006751	Are you a musician?	Hybrid
255940	I love rock musicians.	CK
303178	He was a poor musician.	CK
293546	He was a great musician.	CK
292059	He's a very fine musician.	CK
315354	She is a natural musician.	CM
293547	He became a great musician.	CK
48583	Both brothers are musicians.	CK
2543228	I thought Tom was a musician.	CK
291739	He is something of a musician.	CK
34022	Beethoven was a great musician.	CK
294472	He is a scientist and musician.	CK
1265535	Luis Bonfa is a great musician.	Scott
292990	He is proud of being a musician.	CK
2540682	I thought Tom was just a musician.	CK
312506	She proved to be a great musician.	CK
49474	The musician beat his drums loudly.	CK
260158	I know that he is a famous musician.	CK
315317	She grew up to be a famous musician.	CK
3023700	Tom is a really successful musician.	CK
908722	Who's your favorite Korean musician?	CK
256521	I am the first musician in my family.	CK
2952534	I used to be a professional musician.	CK
908692	Who's your favorite country musician?	CK
284746	He has three sons who became musicians.	CK
908720	Who's your favorite bluegrass musician?	CK
301217	I don't think much of him as a musician.	CK
2640882	Tom and Mary are professional musicians.	CK
294210	He has established himself as a musician.	CK