English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Mourn" in Example Sentences
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2273234	Tom is in mourning.	CK	1
2547119	I'm still in mourning.	CK	1
1529642	The whole country mourned his death.	erikspen
1326866	The boy mourned the death of his hamster.	Scott
681526	The nation mourned the death of the king.	Source_VOA
18665	The whole neighborhood mourned his death.	CK
273762	The whole nation mourned the hero's death.	CM
681527	The man is mourning after receiving sad news.	Source_VOA
248509	We all mourned for the people killed in the accident.	CK
681525	The family mourned the tragic death of their young child.	Source_VOA