English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Mount" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1053684	Tom mounted his horse and rode off.	CK	1
2026962	Tom wants us to mount the TV on the wall.	CK	1
1095228	Tom connected the TV to the antenna that the previous owner of his house had mounted on the roof.	CK	1
310039	She is going to Mount Tate.	CK
326068	Cold-war tension has mounted.	CM
1717553	Have you ever climbed Mount Everest?	Amastan
1632313	Mount Everest is also known as Qomolangma.	Spamster
320987	The jeweler mounted a big pearl in the brooch.	CM
289386	He was the first man that climbed Mount Everest.	CK
282373	There was nothing for me to do but mount the horse.	CM
33171	Bob mounted the portrait in a fancy frame, but it was upside down.	CK
271911	It was almost a decade ago, on May 8th, 1980, that Mount St. Helens erupted.	CM
1394235	In all of my travels, I have never seen a more beautiful mountain than Mount Everest.	CM