English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Motor" in Example Sentences
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2543657	I'll keep the motor running.	CK	1
2956367	Tom couldn't get the motor started.	CK	1
462832	The motor overheats.	lukaszpp
289392	He left the motor running.	CK
2958265	Tom switched off the motor.	CK
2266135	He couldn't start the motor.	_undertoad
1486989	The problem is in the motor.	rkqb
47033	Then the motor suddenly died.	CK
2663188	Is there a problem with the motor?	CK
2267871	That motor doesn't have enough power.	_undertoad
31134	The motor does not function properly.	CK
632918	General Motors laid off 76,000 workers.	blay_paul
59792	This machine is driven by a small motor.	Nero
31133	There is nothing the matter with the motor.	CK
2649606	Figure seven shows all the parts of the motor.	sharptoothed
632913	General Motors laid off 76,000 of its workers.	blay_paul
59791	This machine is driven by a small electric motor.	CM
2699236	That's the nicest motor home that I've ever been in.	Joseph
2512842	The motor died before we got to the top of the hill.	sharptoothed
262687	We purchased 10,000 shares of the General Motors stock.	CK
1970126	I've got a lot of friends at the Department of Motor Vehicles.	CK