English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Moon" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2171521	The moon is out.	CK	1
2648775	Look at the moon.	CK	1
2079905	Mars has two moons.	aliceinwire	1
2171520	The moon has come out.	CK	1
2546392	Tom looked at the moon.	CK	1
387413	The moon is already out.	CK	1
1256131	I want to go to the moon.	stb	1
324580	The moon was bright last night.	CK	1
277248	I saw the moon above the horizon.	CK	1
1481	Tomorrow, he will land on the moon.	brauliobezerra	1
295907	He stood on the surface of the moon.	CK	1
257208	I tried to imagine life on the moon.	CM	1
37368	It is Tom's ambition to go to the moon.	Dejo	1
2609640	Tides are caused by the moon's gravity.	WestofEden	1
43103	That was the first time that a man walked on the moon.	CK	1
238792	The moon has set.	CM
1779858	The moon is bright.	Spamster
462826	The moon is shining.	lukaszpp
477352	Nobody owns the moon.	kblakes
1230455	The moon's so bright.	alec
1360053	The moon is nice tonight.	CK
2104775	The moon circles the earth.	erikspen
1537676	The moon has no atmosphere.	Zaghawa
238784	The moon is low in the sky.	CM
935777	I study once in a blue moon.	Guybrush88
238802	There is no air on the moon.	CK
44408	There was a moon that night.	CK
2886720	There's no life on the moon.	astynk
257216	I want to travel to the moon.	CK
321797	I'm going to fly to the moon.	CM
238794	The moon is shining brightly.	CK
1841570	There is a full moon tonight.	CK
238808	There is no life on the moon.	CK
2912262	How many moons does Mars have?	CK
25580	I saw the moon above the roof.	CK
238821	The moon is behind the clouds.	CK
1499885	The moon is lighting the room.	RoyTek
238828	The moon was shining brightly.	CK
238805	There is no grass on the moon.	CK
3126805	There's no oxygen on the moon.	Hybrid
755334	Tomorrow he lands on the moon.	sctld
32461	Before long, the moon came out.	CM
681652	Many moons orbit around Saturn.	Source_VOA
553999	The moon is pretty in the fall.	teh
39820	The moon was above the horizon.	Swift
243395	A full moon can be seen tonight.	CK
534152	At night, she gazed at the moon.	CK
322176	I only come once in a blue moon.	Dejo
643302	The dogs bayed at the full moon.	darinmex
238834	The moon moves around the earth.	jakov