English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Modern" in Example Sentences
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643677	Tom appreciates modern art.	CK	1
1094408	Tom doesn't like modern art.	CK	1
37153	Tom has an eye for modern art.	CK	1
460356	He majored in modern French literature.	jeanne	1
239559	Modern technology has made our lives more comfortable.	CK	1
1024891	Tom is quite knowledgeable about modern popular music.	CK	1
762149	Today, I plan to talk about the importance of sports in modern society.	CK	1
1244424	She's a modern girl.	Scott
309097	Her house is very modern.	CK
460355	His house is very modern.	jeanne
1349405	I don't like modern jazz.	Guybrush88
255804	I prefer modern furniture.	CK
1224186	Modern cats don't eat mice.	Ketutar
665985	Their house is very modern.	CM
1114849	They say it looks too modern.	Guybrush88
295436	He majors in modern literature.	CK
1130683	I read a lot of modern authors.	jdonnarumma
1344025	Modern art doesn't interest me.	Chrikaru
3171860	Modern art doesn't interest Tom.	CK
239634	What do you think of modern art?	CK
460353	I'm not interested in modern art.	jeanne
460354	I just don't get modern sculpture.	jeanne
243793	Modern ships only need a small crew.	CM
37369	Tom has a talent for modern painting.	CK
680929	A modern factory is totally automated.	Source_VOA
2036924	Modern technology gives us many things.	CK
55736	This is a book on modern English usage.	gracefully
1241178	I've learned a lot about modern authors.	xellugis
274789	Many Europeans do not know modern Japan.	CK
950604	São Paulo is Brazil's most modern city.	alexmarcelo
1682307	He does not understand modern technology.	Spamster
68436	That architect builds very modern houses.	CK
807458	The show presented modern art from Europe.	Source_VOA
279305	The telephone is essential to modern life.	CK
257286	I really can't understand modern sculpture.	CK
286527	The furniture in his office is very modern.	CK
296084	He dwelt on the complexities of modern life.	CM
460357	He knows about the modern history of France.	jeanne
248634	I went to the theater to see a modern drama.	CK
57405	There are many modern buildings around here.	CK
322290	Drug addiction is a cancer in modern society.	CK
2266323	He has a good collection of modern paintings.	_undertoad
1756432	I like classical music more than modern music.	Djef_Messaoudi
1808629	The furniture in this office is fairly modern.	pne
460363	The furniture in this office is really modern.	jeanne
2268377	The living room furniture was modern in style.	_undertoad
296083	He is hailed as the father of modern anthropology.	Nero
682092	The new concert hall is a tall, modern, structure.	Source_VOA
292602	He is acquainted with the modern history of France.	CM
260974	I rate him among the best modern composers in Japan.	CM