English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Mob" in Example Sentences
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681502	The angry mob attacked the building.	Source_VOA
681501	The police could not control the mob.	Source_VOA
805401	Mobs broke into stores looking for food.	Source_VOA
48452	The policeman was confronted by the angry mob.	CM
660103	That dry-cleaning business is a front for the mob.	darinmex
681500	After a while, the protesting mob became disorderly.	Source_VOA
615426	The angry mob overturned cars and smashed storefront windows.	darinmex
1502082	The show's about a New Jersey mob boss who's in psychotherapy.	darinmex
1559999	Culture is what remains after one has forgotten all the things one has learned.	mob