English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Minor" in Example Sentences
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2649098	Tom is a minor.	CK	1
1442337	She's still a minor.	CK	1
1474847	Tom had a minor accident.	Spamster	1
2663489	It's just a minor problem.	CK	1
1519605	Tom suffered minor injuries.	Spamster	1
2663352	It's not just a minor problem.	CK	1
1960926	Tom overlooked a few minor details.	CK	1
2293200	I assume this is due to the fact that Tom is a minor.	CK	1
1994359	The bar where Tom works lost its license because they had been selling alcoholic drinks to minors.	CK	1
909581	We should spend our time creating content for our website rather than wasting time worrying about minor cosmetic details.	CK	1
870646	It's only a minor setback.	alexmarcelo
1309426	Minors can't come in here.	CK
2267367	It isn't suitable for minors.	_undertoad
433988	Minors aren't allowed to enter.	CM
302183	He is nothing but a minor artist.	CK
2959243	My watch needs only minor repairs.	sharptoothed
302184	He is nothing but a minor composer.	CK
290735	He played a minor part in the play.	CM
2959161	The house only needs minor repairs.	sharptoothed
681487	A minor is dependent on his parents.	Source_VOA
289055	He always worries about minor points.	CK
681483	Some couples argue over minor issues.	Source_VOA
321044	The law prohibits minors from smoking.	CK
756400	The bus driver suffered minor injuries.	CK
237599	Because you're a minor, you can't enter.	CK
681486	It is illegal to sell cigarettes to a minor.	Source_VOA
289120	He always troubles himself about minor things.	CM
41979	The differences were minor, so I ignored them.	CM
267537	This is fairly good except for minor mistakes.	CM
681484	Do not make a major problem out of a minor one.	Source_VOA
1832194	Since you're a minor, you aren't allowed enter.	CK
3099062	You should stop worrying about the minor stuff.	CK
262027	I may have made some minor mistakes in translation.	CM
2662664	In time, all these minor problems will be resolved.	CK
1222666	Except for a few minor mistakes, your writing is good.	CK
681485	In America, you are a minor if you are under 18 years old.	Source_VOA
1115629	You're under arrest for endangering the welfare of a minor.	darinmex
681482	This is a minor issue compared to our big national problems.	Source_VOA
40064	A couple of flights were delayed on account of a minor accident.	CK
73018	Apart from a few minor mistakes, your composition was excellent.	CM
1354922	In the United States, you are a minor if you are under 18 years old.	AMIKEMA
3270671	Tom sustained minor injuries when he was struck by a car on the pedestrian crossing.	patgfisher
954044	It may seem like a minor thing to you, but for a lot of people this is really difficult to do.	CK
57850	Our city's transport problems are minor when measured against capitals like London and New York.	CM