English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Minimum" in Example Sentences
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2304399	I only did the bare minimum.	Hybrid	1
2943037	It's hard to get by on minimum wage.	CK	1
1040499	Tom's been working for minimum wage.	CK	1
2944666	What's the minimum wage in Australia?	CK	1
1414970	That's the bare minimum.	Spamster
1877126	What's the minimum wage?	Spamster
27099	Is there a drink minimum?	CK
1789109	Germany has no minimum wage.	Spamster
1542369	There's no minimum wage here.	Spamster
2943008	Would you work for minimum wage?	CK
317877	The damage was held to a minimum.	CM
1336113	They're barely paid minimum wage.	Scott
47636	The job will take a minimum of ten days.	CK
23015	We have to reduce the cost to a minimum.	CK
1534782	What's the minimum wage in your country?	CK
2942996	It's hard to support a family on minimum wage.	CK
2942989	I wonder what the minimum wage is in Australia.	CK
828804	The minimum wage in Okinawa is 642 yen per hour.	Scott
2943006	Do you think that the minimum wage should be raised?	CK
2943023	Tom thinks raising the minimum wage would be a bad idea.	CK
2943029	Everyone working for us earns more than the minimum wage.	CK
2942992	Do you have any idea what the minimum wage in Australia is?	CK
274803	A lot of companies have pared their staff down to a minimum.	CM
2943016	I heard that even a lot of college graduates have to work for minimum wage.	CK
2943032	Tom and Mary were discussing the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage.	CK
680728	In the United States, it takes a minimum of eight years of college to become a medical doctor.	Source_VOA