English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Million" in Example Sentences
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2250081	Thanks a million.	CK	1
2358650	I have 13 million dollars.	CK	1
2358761	I have a million questions.	CK	1
2360416	I have three million dollars.	CK	1
2013657	Tom wanted a million dollars.	CK	1
55416	This is worth one million yen.	CK	1
1094115	Tom felt like a million bucks.	CK	1
2235419	I wish I had a million dollars.	Hybrid	1
1868045	Tom looks like a million bucks.	CK	1
2359607	I've got a million things to do.	CK	1
807261	Millions of workers lost their jobs.	Source_VOA	1
305251	Their losses reached one million yen.	CK	1
316969	She won ten million yen in the lottery.	CM	1
682435	Millions of wild animals live in Alaska.	Source_VOA	1
274552	The loss amounts to ten million dollars.	CK	1
1025294	Tom has three million dollars in the bank.	CK	1
2358895	I've already made my first million dollars.	CK	1
73481	If you won a million yen, what would you do?	CM	1
1544	One million people lost their lives in the war.	CK	1
2031990	Why in a million years would I want to do that?	CK	1
2030169	If you had a million dollars, what would you do?	CK	1
1026237	Tom died with over ten million dollars in the bank.	CK	1
1525186	Tom handed Mary a check for half a million dollars.	CK	1
3241705	Tom's design saved the company millions of dollars.	CK	1
50030	The hijacker demanded a ransom of two million dollars.	Eldad	1
1025320	Tom has over three million dollar deposited in that bank.	CK	1
2042790	Why in a million years would I want to do something like that?	CK	1
72607	Four hundred million people speak English as their first language.	CK	1
1027122	Tom anonymously donated a million dollars to his favorite charity.	CK	1
1024312	Tom put together one million dollars in unmarked, used bills as the kidnappers had told him to do.	CK	1
1279213	I feel like a million bucks.	cenk
27535	Is it about ten million yen?	NekoKanjya
65835	I've seen it a million times.	CK
807121	Millions of men lost their jobs.	Source_VOA
3310225	We've got a million things to do.	CK
3315329	For the millionth time, I'm sorry.	CK
807225	Millions of people lost their jobs.	Source_VOA
1959346	One million people died in the war.	swingman57
272431	The loss reached three million yen.	CM
3315330	You are our one millionth customer.	CK
303853	He earns half a million yen a month.	Eldad
743049	You don't need millions to be happy.	eastasiastudent
310112	She got a cool million dollars a day.	CM
274553	The loss amounts to a million dollars.	CK
807340	Three million people were out of work.	Source_VOA
804329	Almost sixty-nine million people voted.	Source_VOA
286602	His debts amounted to five million yen.	CK
3058431	Norway's population is about 5 million.	Hybrid
427934	There are a million people in Auckland.	witbrock
2975026	He has over a million dollars in assets.	fabiobasso