English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Military" in Example Sentences
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2267431	It's a military club.	_undertoad
2644707	Were you in the military?	CK
1977710	He studied military history.	Spamster
1359481	The military police came for him.	CK
59631	There is a military base near here.	CK
1537975	I did my military service in Ankara.	charlotte13
44260	The site is used for military purposes.	CK
803177	He wanted to be a great military leader.	Source_VOA
807387	Military law was declared in some areas.	Source_VOA
803212	He was the military hero of the Civil War.	Source_VOA
803226	He said military force would not be needed.	Source_VOA
807486	The two men were tried by a military court.	Source_VOA
551384	Myanmar is ruled by a military dictatorship.	darinmex
682312	Soldiers go on patrol in a military vehicle.	Source_VOA
681626	A general is a high-ranking military officer.	Source_VOA
1141871	Compulsory military service exists in Turkey.	AKINCI81
807560	Reagan asked for military aid for the Contras.	Source_VOA
306413	They intended to increase the military budget.	CK
807594	Not far from the house was a military hospital.	Source_VOA
652396	The military has a very strict chain of command.	darinmex
803301	He criticized the war after leaving the military.	Source_VOA
807692	The Communists launched a major military campaign.	Source_VOA
2259785	We saw the military attaché of the American Embassy.	_undertoad
804255	The Japanese military forces seemed too strong to stop.	Source_VOA
23032	The President says we must beef up our military forces.	NekoKanjya
1538914	The military quashed the revolt within a matter of hours.	darinmex
322684	A commercial airplane allegedly violated military airspace.	CM
804262	In Japan, military leaders gained control of the government.	Source_VOA
804095	The British had military bases along New York's Hudson River.	Source_VOA
804264	Allied military leaders found a way to defeat the Japanese plan.	Source_VOA
2780742	They kept the information about the military operations a secret.	sharptoothed
1317041	When he was in the military, he conformed to the strict army rules.	CM
2009283	When the military pulled out, many injured people were left behind.	CK
713044	The military engaged the enemy five kilometers south of the capital.	darinmex
237781	You aren't cut out for the military because of its rigid discipline.	CM
682227	It is an act of treason to sell military secrets to your country's enemies.	Source_VOA