English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Method" in Example Sentences
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57148	This method is sure to work.	CK	1
55563	This is the very best method.	CK	1
2958770	Tom's methods were unorthodox.	CK	1
299251	He tried many different methods.	CK	1
249352	We adopted an alternative method.	CK	1
1027214	Tom adopted our method of bookkeeping.	CK	1
248991	We are trying a completely new method.	CK	1
18821	What method did you use to give up smoking?	Zifre	1
291062	He adopted the new method.	CK
3060844	This method is slow but sure.	sharptoothed
3142953	Are you questioning my methods?	CK
287535	His methods are not scientific.	CK
989693	This is by far the best method.	sacredceltic
2897094	It's undeniably the best method.	megamanenm
17343	Your method is different from mine.	CK
681464	Their research used a survey method.	Source_VOA
2897135	We need to find an effective method.	megamanenm
252150	I believe in this method of teaching.	CK
2820877	The method hasn't been perfected yet.	sharptoothed
1343868	Waxing is one method of hair removal.	Chrikaru
687354	I don't always approve of his methods.	ulyssemc1
46104	The new method was anything but ideal.	CK
1172578	I don't agree with your methods at all.	CK
33614	Is there no alternative to your method?	CM
1451930	Those kinds of methods are out of date.	CM
23561	Our school adopted his teaching methods.	CK
2323380	The headteacher uses unorthodox methods.	Gulliver
23441	We will adopt your method at our school.	NekoKanjya
44020	The method was crude, but very effective.	CM
56315	This is the least expensive method of all.	CM
17314	Your method of teaching English is absurd.	Zifre
561053	His teaching methods are highly unorthodox.	darinmex
3024155	I've already tried three different methods.	CK
2141518	It's an excellent method to relieve stress.	Hybrid
3142753	No one's ever questioned my methods before.	CK
46107	The new method is well worth consideration.	CK
239857	The old method proved to be best after all.	CM
2755310	His method is much more effective than ours.	verdulo
3142781	It's not my place to question Tom's methods.	CK
57150	It is doubtful whether this method will work.	CK
23562	Our school has adopted a new teaching method.	NekoKanjya
44021	The method was too expensive to be practical.	CM
56310	This is the best method to solve that problem.	CM
681463	What method do you use to organize your files?	Source_VOA
312375	She has tried various methods of slimming down.	CM
267614	A check is a method of paying money to somebody.	CM
1180902	I'm sorry, Tom. I do not approve of your methods.	alexmarcelo
313251	She adapted her teaching method to slow learners.	CK
37931	We have not yet discussed which method is better.	CK
23043	We have to bring our teaching methods up to date.	Swift