English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Meter" in Example Sentences
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2648472	Look at the meter.	CK	1
441961	Please read the meter.	CK	1
45111	The pond is 3 meters deep.	CK	1
1222976	A mile is about 1,600 meters.	CK	1
256251	I live within 200 meters of the station.	CK	1
1891107	I'm pretty sure that tower is 330 meters tall.	CK	1
2096996	He can run 100 meters in less than twelve seconds.	CK	1
44780	The tower is three hundred and twenty-one meters high.	CK	1
2335050	Tom is fishing for trout about a hundred meters downstream from here.	CK	1
31847	Read the meter.	CM
796873	Where are the meters?	BraveSentry
1141262	Keep the meter running.	darinmex
806918	It was eighty meters long.	Source_VOA
1098069	This is three meters long.	cntrational
519507	A meter is 100 centimeters.	blay_paul
247791	We ran a hundred-meter dash.	CK
2264745	Buy six meters of that cloth.	_undertoad
307969	She is leading by two meters.	CK
682173	The wall is two meters thick.	Source_VOA
2512860	This mine is 500 meters deep.	sharptoothed
60326	This rope is 200 yen a meter.	CK
42222	It is thirty meters in length.	CK
48413	The hole is two meters across.	CK
45751	The river is 35 meters across.	CK
807082	This ship was ten meters long.	Source_VOA
26051	The station is 100 meters away.	CK
2642562	Tom was three meters behind me.	CK
35733	I need it for the parking meter.	CK
1970398	I only have fifty meters of rope.	CK
239990	The lake is about 25 meters deep.	CK
807167	The snow was several meters deep.	Source_VOA
3153125	The tower is fifteen metres tall.	Vanilla
843015	This tree is three meters around.	J_S
288070	He cut off two meters of the rope.	CK
288335	He ran 100 meters 11 seconds flat.	CK
311083	She won the one hundred meter race.	CK
44421	The board is about two meters long.	CK
45106	The pond is 100 meters in diameter.	CK
48658	The bridge has a span of 100 meters.	Zifre
73205	A mile is equal to about 1600 meters.	CM
3022604	How much is a meter of this red silk?	sharptoothed
3045725	Our backyard is twenty meters square.	sharptoothed
441962	Please read the numbers on the meter.	CK
48656	The bridge is thirty meters in width.	CK
58097	The length of this ship is 30 meters.	CK
270782	The water rose to a level of 10 meters.	CM
810703	The building is one hundred meters high.	slomox
3045681	The posts are spaced three meters apart.	sharptoothed
2780001	The submarine can dive up to 300 meters.	Hybrid
72934	We read the meter once every two months.	CK