English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Mere" in Example Sentences
Page 1

42234	I think it is a mere coincidence.	CK	1
292784	He is a mere child.	CM
312199	She is a mere child.	CM
293434	He works for a mere pittance.	CM
16346	You are no longer a mere child.	CK
599660	A home is more than a mere building.	kebukebu
239147	The mere sight of a dog frightens him.	jakov
40829	A mere 529 spectators watched the game.	CM
254135	I was scared at the mere thought of it.	al_ex_an_der
239236	The mere sight of a dog made her afraid.	CM
23592	The mere sight of a snake makes her sick.	NekoKanjya
33969	Pets offer us more than mere companionship.	CM
536515	The mere sight of a mosquito makes her sick.	blay_paul
40209	Charlie was a mere child when I saw him last.	CK
287652	The merest mention of his name made her angry.	Dejo
67956	She said that the mere sight of him made her sick.	CK
47263	The mere thought of it is enough to make me happy.	CM
251160	The mere sight of the doctor made my cousin afraid.	CM
23909	The mere idea of swimming across the river made me tremble.	CK
40020	A mere glance is not enough for us to tell one from the other.	CM
669752	Quantum physics is too difficult for a mere mortal to understand.	CM
274726	A mere repetition of other people's research cannot be called true scientific research.	CM