English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Member" in Example Sentences
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2549660	I was a member.	CK	1
2272832	Tom is a member.	CK	1
2549317	I'm not a member.	CK	1
2549087	I'm a member here.	CK	1
2646795	We have many members.	CK	1
1532193	Tom is a senior member.	Spamster	1
273701	Every member must attend.	CK	1
1392299	Tom is a member of the NRA.	Spamster	1
2543266	You're a member, aren't you?	CK	1
2082249	The committee has ten members.	CK	1
293566	He is a member of the committee.	CK	1
2314973	I didn't know you were a member.	CK	1
2412493	Tom and Mary are active members.	CK	1
1494224	Tom is a member of the SWAT team.	Spamster	1
258913	I'm a member of the swimming club.	CK	1
262007	I am a member of the baseball team.	CK	1
1093467	Tom is like a member of our family.	CK	1
1092978	Tom seems to be a member of a gang.	CK	1
1300818	I am a member of the basketball team.	CK	1
2754360	I'm a member of Alcoholics Anonymous.	CK	1
256156	I am a member of the sales department.	CK	1
252118	I became a member of the club in 1980.	CK	1
387447	John is a member of the swimming club.	CK	1
1023968	Tom was killed by his own gang members.	CK	1
252414	I became a member of the club ten years ago.	CK	1
1026857	Tom can no longer be a member of our committee.	CK	1
1095525	Tom certainly can't become a member of our club.	CK	1
1961672	I thought you said Tom wasn't a member of our club.	CK	1
315619	She ran very fast to catch up with the other members.	CK	1
40263	Team members are provided with equipment and uniforms.	CM	1
1028493	Tom is the only member of the baseball team that Mary knows.	CK	1
1025236	Tom hates to admit that he's a member of the older generation.	CK	1
1092300	Tom went backstage to see if he could meet some of the band members.	CK	1
1745682	He's not a member.	Spamster
680213	We need another member.	Source_VOA
1619573	I'm a member of the team.	Spamster
2957010	Tom is a member of my crew.	CK
687716	Who are the voting members?	lukaszpp
22550	Each member was called upon.	NekoKanjya
61183	The club has thirty members.	CK
22549	All the members were present.	CK
1848900	She's a member of a sorority.	Spamster
1118541	There were 30 members in all.	Samghost
2958487	Tom was a member of our crew.	CK
62867	I'm a member of the glee club.	CK
289974	He's a member of the golf club.	CK
681274	Juries usually have 12 members.	Source_VOA
23451	Our yacht club has ten members.	CK
706767	He is a member in good standing.	darinmex
255084	I'm a member of the tennis club.	Eldad